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About the project | Hugh Webster Place affordable housing


CLIENT & PROJECT MANAGER: Hugh Webster Housing Association and Goodwin Trust

PROJECT TYPE: Residential

PRODUCTS: 142mm SIP Walls | The SIP System was installed in just 13 weeks

The Goodwin Development Trust is building affordable housing at Hugh Webster Place in Hull. The five-storey building consists of 40 homes: 10 one-bedroom flats, 5 two-bedroom flats, 15 apartments, and 10 houses.

In the South Yorkshire & Humberside LABC awards, the scheme won the best Social Housing category.

The 40 dwellings, flats, and houses in the scheme exceed the space requirements of the HCA.

Those on the city council’s housing waiting list will be able to live in quality, affordable homes. This type of housing offers low-energy footprints and affordable rents.

The building was constructed using ‘off-site’ SIP timber-framed construction seated on a masonry plinth, raising the accommodation above the level of flood risk. Moreover, the south and north sides of the development have a stepped structure, which allows daylight to penetrate all accommodation, private gardens, and a shared food growing area.

A continuous black-stained timber fence surrounds the ground floor level as well as storage sheds. Upper levels are clad with Trespa panels in 17 complementary colors. Joints between the boards are used to clearly express and define separating floors and walls, subtly conveying the make-up of the dwellings and how they will be built.

The multi-coloured properties in Icehouse Road, off Anlaby Road, opened towards the end of 2019, offering a variety of family homes and flats.

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