Police Treatment Centre: SIP Large Extension | Harrogate

Police Treatment Centre Harrogate

About the project | Police Treatment Centre


CLIENT : Hacs Construction Ltd

PROJECT TYPE: Commercial

PRODUCTS: 142mm SIP Walls, 172mm SIP Roof, Roof Trusses, Joisted Deck Flat Roof, Walls U Value 0.19 and Roof 0.21

Harrogate’s Police Treatment Centre (PTC) supports the wellbeing of the Police Family. Due to demands and changes in modern police work, expansion of services was necessary in recent years.

2 new treatment wings were commissioned to be added to the rear of the centre, and these new treatment wings would house an additional 20 patients, 4 counseling rooms, 1 surgery room, 6 therapy rooms, and various new staff meeting rooms.

Located in the picturesque setting of Harrogate, the PTC’s main building required minimal impact construction in order to remain in line with current designs. SBUK’s SIPs met the exacting client requirements. The range of options included high thermal performance walls that have low running costs, as well as best practice offsite construction which ensures speed of construction on site whilst eliminating all potential issues associated with ‘traditional’ methods.

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